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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hmmm... well, something didn't work there

Here is the letter (hopefully)... I await their response (promised within 14 working days) so that I can update them on how pupo's condition has worsened.

Dear Sir/Madam,I am contacing you to let you know of my disappointment with the baby facilites at the Tomatin Litte Chef. Whilst on a visit to Scotland with my five month old son, he soiled his nappy in the car. We decided to stop for an early lunch at Tomatin in order to change him. Unfortunately, having been sat in the car seat, it became necessary to change all of his clothes.The changing table at Tomatin little Chef is located in the disabled toilet. When we arrived, it was freezing - literally. The outside temperature was 0 degrees, and it was clear that the toilet was not heated. I felt cold with a t-shirt and 2 sweaters, so you can imagine how cold it must have felt for my infant son. It took about five minutes to clean him thoroughly, during which time he was naked (as he had soiled his vest and trousers). He became extremely distressed. We redressed him back in the restaurant area as I wanted him out of that toilet as soon as possible. Once dressed, he remained upset during the time it took our family to eat our meal and only settled once back in the car. I mentioned to the young man who was serving us that they must heat the toilet to be told that it had no heating!My son now has a cough and whlist it is impossible to know its origins, I can safely attribute its severity to his experience at the Little Chef.My son is a healthy little boy, but I shudder to think the effect this may have on much younger babies, even having a regular nappy change in such conditions. It is also simply unacceptable for disabled customers to be obliged to use unheated facilities. I should also add that there was no soap in the disabled toilet, so I had to wash my hands in the ladies; something that would not be possible for a disabled customer.On your website, I see that you advertise yourself as a baby friendly chain with "free organic baby food and baby changing facilities at most sites."I expect something to be done about this as soon as possible, so that no other babies need to experience what my son has; and indeed, so that disabled customers have the same comfort as other travellers.


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