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Saturday, November 19, 2005

We're Back!

from Scotland. Pupo and I went to Scotland as a surprise for my dad's 60th birthday.

Pupo was fantastic on the way over. He was brilliant on the flights (2) and the train (7 hours) and everybody was so impressed with how gorgeous he was. I was deeply impressed by how many people insisted on helping us on and off the trains :) God Bless Scotland!

We spent a night with SAHM, her husband and boo and had a great time catching up together. I called my dad in the morning to say I wanted to wish him happy birthday early as "I wouldn't be home tonight." Not one to tell lies, me ;) He hadn't a scooby that I was calling from West Lothian.

Pupo coped rather well with loads of strangers pawing him and insisting on a cuddle (though by the end of the week he was getting a bit fed up of crowds and strangers). We got a bad cold on the plane going over, which meant he couldn't sleep properly which meant I couldn't sleep at all, because he was up every hour :( It was soooo much work looking after him on my own. Single mothers, I salute you!

He turned into hell boy on the way home. We had a bad start at Glasgow airport, because we had to wait 40 minutes to clear security and he understandably got fed up in the pram and ended up in my sling. It was really hot too, and I thought I might faint, so goodness knows how bad he felt. We got on the plane by which time he was very tired and I thought he would sleep, but no, instead, he just screamed all the way to Iceland. As the fasten seatbelt sign came on for landing, he THEN fell into a coma and I didn't dare try to put him in his pram again because I couldn't take any more screaming, so I had to battle with my case and the buggy while he was tucked nicely in the sling. We got the bus to Reykjavik where my friend came to meet us and then he took us to his mum and dad's and then went back to work! I hardly know his parents!! Pupo woke up on arrival at their flat and proceeded to scream for another 2 hours. (I think he had sore ears from the plane, because I have never heard him scream like that, and certainly not for so long). My friend's mum was great and held him while he bawled so I could sit on the floor in my own tears for 5 minutes. He slept on the plane to Akureyri, cried on arrival, got fed and then.... was perfect angel baby all night, delighted by his dad, his play mat and his bouncychair with tigger, poo and piglet, and slept from 10pm till 9.30 this morning. He's back to his chirpy self this morning. I think he feels safe and secure to be home. (as does his mum!!)

Good news is: Boy having pooed 3 times on a 2 hour flight on the way over was pooing only once every 2 days by the trip back. Despite being changed on a shoogly, slopy, British Rail change table the size of 2 postcards and not getting his daily airtime, his bottom behaved impeccably and is just perfect :)

Needless to say, my dad was most surprised to see us. In a good way... I think. Well, at least for the first 24 hours....

I definitely won't be rushing into any more 3 day journeys alone with pupo any time soon. We're off our winter excursion to Scotland and Italy over Christmas and New Year soon, but hubby will be there, so that should half the load and at least allow us to grab something to eat now along the way.


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