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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is it weaning time?

Well, Pupo is not yet 4 months and in theory is not ready to be weaned. In theory, "most" babies should be fine till 6 months on just breastmilk. In theory, "most" babies will not benefit at all from solids before 4 months and indeed, it may be harmful for their undeveloped digestive systems.

Pupo, as you may have noticed, is not "most" babies. Pupo is about 7kg. Pupo is now regularly in clothes for 6-9 month old babies, has grown out of his age 6 month sleeping bag (and all his 3-6 month dungarees). He has also stopped sleeping through the night after weeks of parental bliss.

I'd planned to introduce solids during our holidays in December when we would all be together and relaxed but now I don't think he can last that long. I'm trying to hang on till that magical 4 month mark at least. I'll call his nurse next week and see what she suggests. For every health professional, there are as many opinions. SAHM was warned not to give solids before 6 months at all costs or her baby would be permanently injured. (She ignored the advice, incidentally, and gave him some rice at 4 months; he's none the worse but SAHM nearly had a nervous breakdown such was the guilt). Other nurses suggest that some babies might benefit as early as 8 weeks. How do we know?

Meanwhile, one last ditch attempt on the night waking... I think he might be cold. So we'll try a thicker babygro and warmer sleeping bag and if that fails, call in the nurse.


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