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Saturday, October 08, 2005

For his own good...

Jags on Thursday and a baby who slept, well, like a baby most of the day. Mummy thought, hey, this is easy. Friday, cried all day, explosion of nappy rash and one somewhat frazzled mummy who couldn't get out on what was probably the last warm and sunny day for some months. Dinner party which meant hubby cooking and mummy doing all the child care. I managed my one hour at the pool with a "can you be back by 5.30?" shouted just as I was leaving for my daily peace and quiet.

Hubby has gone off to a conference; pupo has been up since 06.45 and is now napping. I think he is chirpier today. Nappy rash has been something of an ongoing battle. No sooner has it cleared up in one place when it begins somewhere else, but it has never got so bad as to 'cause him pain again. I think the vaccinations just overloaded his immune system which is why yesterday it flared up. For sure, it is not humanly possible to change this baby's nappy any more than I do and he gets his daily "air time."

Tired tired today and in desperate need of some sleep. But that won't happen, so I might as well just get on with it.


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