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Friday, September 09, 2005

He needs ME. ME ME ME!!!

Normally, hubby gives pupo the late night feed and I get up about 4 or 5 to feed him again. I've been meaning to wean him off this early feed, but for now, it is an opportunity to change the nappy so I'm waiting for the nappy rash to clear up completely first. But last night, I wanted to watch something late on tv (too ashamed to admit what it was) so we swapped. I fed pupo about 1230 and put him to bed. Pupo woke, predictably, shortly after 5am and hubby got kicked out to go see to it. He had his usual wail on the changing table (he hates having to wait for his milk) but then continued to cry for 40 minutes. Didn't affect his appetite, however, as by the time I had given up and crawled out of bed to see what the fuss was about, the bottle was nearly empty. When he had finished the bottle, I took him and put him on the breast where he munched away for 10 minutes without stopping for breath (let alone a greet) and only stopped 'cause after he threw up all over my breast (charming, these delights of parenthood), I decided enough was enough. He looked me right in the eye and beamed. Beamed and beamed. If he'd smiled anymore his face would have split in two.

It may have been 5am (nearly 6 by this point) but oh, it felt good :) The ungrateful little sod has finally realised that I exist and, moreover, that he needs me :)


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