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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ex Pat's super language skills

Blogspot has decided I am Korean. Or perhaps Thai. Or at least, some strange oriental language which does not strike me as either Mandarin or Japanese, but then, what would I know? Any attempts to enter my blog were met with a warm welcome and instructions in said oriental script. Well, it might have been Klingon. And it might not have been that warm a welcome.

Some 20 minutes later, deleting all cookies, history, temporary internet pages to no avail. Deleting all said again including "all offline content" whatever that may include and here I am. Back in English.

It is a pleasant 8.20am. Boy still sleeps and I haven't seen him since 9pm last night. Well, not strictly true, because I did pop in to make sure he was still breathing. I've been up since 7am, not through choice, but hubby had work at 8am and I had my usual cricket ball problem. But hey, it sure is nice to have some time to myself before pupo begins his demands. Hubby is still giving a midnight bottle feed and pupo is sleeping through all the time now :) Che piacere! (just showing off those language skills. And no, that wasn't Klingon. Nor Thai for that matter.) All I need now is for my breasts to appreciate a long lie as much as my brain.

Meanwhile, tendonitis improving (following a beating by the physiotherapist). Snow has come. Skiing to follow.


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