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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kisses for Mummy

Pupo has recovered from his jags, or so it seemed. Yesterday I asked a friend to come over and babysit so that I could write a paper for a conference, and boy thought this would be an excellent day to cry constantly and insist on his mother's attentions. I think he was teething, 'cause his cheeks were all red and his chin was a bit raw from all the dribble. Not only did I hardly get anything done but I think I've lost my babysitter 'cause he was so horrid!

He's back to his usual cheeky self today, however. We were lying on the bed having a wee cuddle this evening when he lurched forward to kiss me. Really, not just a mistake. He threw his head forward and touched my mouth with his. And repeated it a few times.

No idea when I will manage to write this paper. I'll hopefully get some time on the weekend but the conference is next Friday so I'm cutting things a bit fine... could well be the worst paper I have ever given. And, of course, I have nothing to wear. I might have turned up at the conference in a sweater but we have a reception with the President afterwards and that is definitely a jacket event. All suit trousers in my possession, I now realise, are size 8s. Perhaps not by next Friday...


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