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Monday, October 24, 2005

Pupo's first protest

3 month old pupo will be one of the youngest at today's gender equality protest. 30 years ago today, all the women of Iceland stopped work, both paid and unpaid, and you can imagine the results. Complete chaos. Their demands were that their unpaid labour be recognised and that they get paid equally in their paid jobs.

Needless to say, 30 years later, it hasn't happened. But we are a bit closer.

So today, at 1408, the women of Iceland will stop work both in celebration of our fore-mothers and to remind our men, our Government - and not least ourselves - that we are still a long way short of equality.

Us breastfeeding mums can't exactly go on strike but pupo and I shall go along to the rally to share in spirit. It's a bit chilly today, but thankfully the rally is to be held indoors. Wouldn't want to get a chill now.


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