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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trusting thyself

We all know the books say 6 months. Er pupo seemed to be getting hungry a little before 4 months, but I waited 2 weeks to make sure it wasn't a growth spurt. His nurse had broken her elbow so was off sick, but I spoke to another one who said to give him formula if he was hungry! Anyway, I ignored that because if he needed milk, I could give him milk, and just kept him on the breast for another 3 weeks before finally giving in and giving him rice in breastmilk once a day (starting last Sunday).

So today he goes for his jags and sees his own nurse and he has gained only 800g in 2 months! I lose more than that spending 20 minutes in the hot tub! The nurse agreed that he has probably been hungry and needs to go to at least 2 solid meals a day, in addition to his usual milk. (He was well above average weight at 3 months, so it hasn't done him any harm to slim down, but it is still heartbreaking to see him plummet down the chart when I KNEW he needed solids!!!) She said that if a baby was satisfied with milk it was great to keep them on just that for 6 months, but if they need more they will tell you. And he did. And I didn't trust him or my own instincts.

I'm determined to trust myself and my baby in future. Poor thing was telling me he was hungry and I kept giving him a dummy and sending him back to sleep. So he's getting a carrot tonight!


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