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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Poor pupo

After a breastfeed on Monday, pupo wouldn't settle and in the end, we gave him a bottle too, which he happily wolfed down. Thinking that my milk supply was probably waning, owing to the reduced feeds, we decided to call it quits and I gave him his last breastfeed on Tuesday morning. He now understands that he doesn't need his mummy when he is hungry and that the bottle will do the same job, so life is getting easier for hubby (even if he is still knackered and has been at the pool now for an hour an a half. Only slightly jealous, me, 'cause I never got more than an hour before I had to rush back to feed.) But now pupo has the cough as bad as hubby and I. He'd been giving the odd token cough before, but in the last couple of days it has got really bad and he coughs up a lot of phlegm sometimes. Can't help feeling that it has got worse because I stopped breastfeeding and now he isn't getting my antibodies :( But it would be cruel to put him back on the breast now and confuse him even more; then have to start over taking him off the breast. We'll use the freezer supply over the next days and see if that helps and I'll still have to express a wee bit while my supply drops, so he can have that too. We went for his 6 month check and jag today and the dr said we should wait for his cough to clear, 'cause his breathing was a bit laboured. Poor pupo.

Good news is that he is now over 8 kilos and has gained more in this month than he had over 2 months; clearly benefitting from the solid food (of which he can't get enough - the boy has just scoffed 4 potatoes - after a bottle of his usual creamy milk.)


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