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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sick little boy

Pupo and hubby have been stuck at home all week. The bronchitis and bronchiolitis got worse over the weekend, so we went back to the dr on Monday and came home with antibiotics, 2 inhalers and a baby that will likely have asthma recurring in future. It's impossible to know much yet, but until he is old enough to tell us, we should give him the inhalers as soon as he gets a cold or cough,. Lots of kids grow out of "baby asthma" and hopefully pupo will be one of them.
Meanwhile, all the drugs have overloaded his system and he has a nasty outbreak of nappy rash - having been perfect for months! And we can't do our usual trick of leaving him butt naked, 'cause we need to prevent him getting a draught. He's not eating so much either - and for those of you lucky enough to have met pupo, that is serious business! I think it's just the drugs making him too tired.
This boy was a picture of health last week! How can a cold lead to this? It's possible that he was always susceptible to asthma and we just didn't know (he has always had eczema and they regularly correlate) but regardless, it is still hopeful that it will all be behind him before he starts school. Fingers crossed...


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