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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Naughty Mummy

So, er pupo had his first taste of ice cream last night. And I mean "taste" not "eat." I let him lick my finger. Twice. Well, of course he liked it. But then, he likes everything so that was no surprise. He was up a little late, as we had guests, but we put him to bed at 8.30. At 9.15, he was still singing away and playing, so I went through and he was high as a kite. I took him up, to try to give him some milk and a soothing cuddle, but NO, IT'S PLAYTIME MUMMY, WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY OR SOMETHING? At ten, I put him down again and he quickly fell asleep and woke at 9 this morning.

Lesson learned: a TINY bit of sugar is a dangerous thing!


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