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Sunday, April 09, 2006

He waited for his mamma.

As I left for DC, er pupo was showing signs of major advances in crawling, speaking and teeth. Thankfully, he managed to contain himself until my return and this week (Wednesday), I had the joy of discovering his first very sharp little pincer. Today, he added to his tricks, with a very careful "papá" that he has been practising every since. Papá is, of course, more than delighted. There has been absolutely no intention nor effort to produce "mamma" but hey, at least I found that tooth. Crawling still seems beyond him, I mean, why bother, when you can just yell? And he can always pull up the play mat so that the toy comes to him. Nappy changing is a battle of the wills, as he insists on being on his tummy and I insist he stay on his back. It usually involves some screaming (usually his), but I will NOT, unlike his gullible father, be seduced into letting him have his own way on this. So I say now, but then, I am not the one who is at home with him all day. The "provider" role certainly has its advantages.

It's all change now; even his hair grew when I was away. Admittedly, it didn't grow very much and it is only noticable because he was such a baldy before I left. But it seems that from now on, perhaps for the next few months, there will be rapid development.


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