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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back to Reality

and a pleasure it is. I had a great experience in DC. My students did well in the Jessup moot court, we all learned a huge amount and, try as I might to resist, I actually quite liked the city. Akureyri has been firmly placed on the map and our law school has proven its international credentials. My students won 2 of their 4 rounds. We lost one student to severe bronchitis, which meant another student had to step in for her with 3 hours notice, but despite a very stressful day involving doctors and hospitals and exrays, she seems to have recovered. I even managed to wangle my way into a major conference on international law and met a couple of former professors. I took advantage of my relative liberty to party hard and work hard.

And yet, it is always a great joy to return home to my little family. Er pupo was delighted to see me. I don't think he was particularly upset by my absence; as long as his dad was around, he was content (though a little nervous if his dad went out for an extended period, leaving him with his grandma), but I was given a great welcome home. When I picked him up, he laughed and laughed with joy at being reunited with me. Ah, the poor thing knows no better.

Work keeps me busy, as does the boy. The light is changing fast here, and er pupo has not quite understood that just because the sun wakes up at 6am, he doesn't have to. And he is a long way off from appreciating the concept of a "weekend."

The easter break approaches, and then there are just a few more weeks of teaching, before the summer term when I can actually get on with my job without being hindered by legions of complaining students. Well, not legions exactly, but it seems that way when they are at their most irksome. On my first day back, one student approached me to ask if she could have the essay question early because she was going to Spain with her boyfriend. And she expected me to be sympathetic. I was very tempted to give her a slap and blame it on the jetlag.

Bring on summer. I don't find it reasonable that in April I should still be having to dig my car out of the snow in the morning.


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