Ex Pat Mamma

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


in the plural! Yet another sharp little pincer appeared this morning. And he said mamma. Once. By mistake. He was just practising making sounds and hasn't learned the word yet. But my heart melted all the same. Wee petal.

Easter vacation approaches which means a few days off to spend with him. We'll stay home, but it will be relaxing to not be running around or having to teach rude and arrogant first years who seem to think they 1) don't need to come to class 2) do ME a favour if they do come to class 3) can come into the class at any time of the lesson, disturbing me and the other students 4) can use their cell phones to class 5) may play computer games, surf the net, chat on msn in class 6) know more than I do. Big virtual slap to them all.


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