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Thursday, August 03, 2006

sick sick sick

at the Italian football verdicts. Complete disgrace and scandal. I said before the World Cup that nothing would happen to the big boys; then I was in Italy when the original recommendations came out. Sensible football fans were reasonably happy but I advised caution. So now what? Milan is playing in Champion's League, whilst staying in Seria A with Lazio and Fiorentina with some joke of a point deduction; they still have all their juicy TV rights. Juve is in B (for now), though I'm still not convinced that will last. The facts of the case are no great surprise to anyone that follows Italian football (though a change of Government was needed before anything was done about them). The verdicts are a disgrace to any sport worthy of the name. Last year, hubby went on strike from football after Genoa (caught matchfixing) were relegated to C instead of being promoted to A (they finished top in B); seemed just to me, after all they did appear to have fixed a match. Juve fix entire seasons and are now peddling the same influence to save their butts from any serious sanction. Think it's time for me to go on strike. Juve lose their titles, but only this year's (now to Inter) and the previous year's (Milan were 2nd but are not in a position to exactly claim that title right now). No change to the 2004 title (Milan with Roma second), 2003 title (Juve with Inter second) or 2002 (Juve with Roma second) despite the fact that the fixing has been going on for years. At least Roma and Inter can hold on to their integrity and know how well they did without threatening the referees.

Makes me wish Italy hadn't won the World Cup. Almost.


  • At 7:09 PM, Blogger Rosie said…

    It is better that Italy won the World Cup because it shows everyone around the world that they are good and they do not need to pay any referees or anyone to win. I agree that it was wrong of Juve and the other teams that were involved in the scandal, but I honestly feel that this scandal had a lot to do with why they won the World Cup. They had a statement to make and had to prove to everyone else that they were good enough to win with no ones help. When the scandal arose it was before the World Cup had started, so people were looking at the Italian players as cheaters and did not respect them. But now since Italy won the World Cup fair and square I think they proved themselves to others that they do not need anyone’s help to win.


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