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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reality Check

Home we are. We had a great time away and managed to get more work done than we ever do here, despite juggling er pupo, beaches, ice-cream and sunshine. It's a hard life.

Er pupo was a star traveller, despite being subjected to 3 flights and 5 different countries all in one day. He took immediately to all his grandparents (it seems he has an instinct for people who will spoil him rotten), ate kilos of the finest tomatoes on the Riviera, was introduced to gelato (yum yum, no, I will sit nicely and open my mouth and not try to grab the spoon for THIS!) and, on the flight from Nice to Gatwick, en route to Scotland, delighted me with his first "mamma." He now says it all the time. In the absence of the parquet, he decided to crawl properly and now there is no stopping him - that is, when you can get him off his feet. He loves to stand up and can cruise around to get where he wants - but only if he doesn't think too much about it. The sun made him grow like a hothouse tomato - and, moreover, also his hair! It couldn't exactly be descriped as a lot, but there is definitely some serious fuzz. I wish it would grow a bit more to cover all the bumps he manages to inflict on himself with his new found climbing skills.

Today we visit his nurse for the one year MOT (although now at 13 months). I am likely to go to China in October for 3 weeks and I want to get some advice on whether I should drag him and hubby along. Hubby is very keen to go, but that means brining er pupo too, and I don't want to do that if it means a whole lot of extra vaccinations. Of course it would be great to have him with me, but at the same time, it might all be a bit much for him.

He begins with the dagmamma on Monday. We will take the week to introduce him gently and then there are another few weeks before I begin to teach. Hubby for some reason does all his teaching in the Spring, so we will be on call should there be any problems. But I expect er pupo to revel in it. He was more than happy to be left with his grandparents, even before he had reacquainted himself with them and took great delight in playing with his big cousins in Italy.

Posting is likely to be infrequent, as I juggle the double shift, but I'm confident and excited about the future for our little family.


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