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Friday, June 09, 2006

And off we go

Hurrah! On monday we go to Italy; but I won't have time to post before then, trying to cope with hyper boy who has discovered his feet - however, only for long enough to lose his balance and fall over and bang his head. And if he's not doing that, he's howling because he wants his mum. Please let this be a phase.... Thank goodness he starts daycare in August and in the meanwhile, we can fob him off on the grandparents for, oh, I don't know, maybe 2 days before they realise how hard he is to look after! Perhaps I exaggerate, but things have been very difficult since the start of May as hubby has been back at work, as have I, and we somehow believed we could juggle that with boy care. Er, no. The trusty laptops are coming with us; boy goes to beach (accompanied, presumably), we sit in hot stuffy apartment and work. Yes, go on, feel sorry for me, having to spend a whole month on the riviera.

We went to the hospital today and saw the paediatrician who ran some skin tests. He came up slightly allergic to wheat, which is odd indeed, considering the quantity of breadsticks the boy goes through; it might have beeen a false positive. They don't have tests for pine nuts or dried figs, but when we come back, we will go up with the two and they will test it directly. We have some antihistamine, should he get another reaction, or, heaven forbid, a more serious one, but for now, I'm feeling relaxed about the whole thing.

So now what? Well, get boy dressed and go up to friends' to watch the World Cup of course! (only on private-far-too-expensive-for-a-poor-law-professor telly).

Have a good summer!


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