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Friday, August 04, 2006

Card shark

Hey hey, so hubby's birthday last night and he had a couple of buddies over to play poker. Now to explain, it is 10ISK (about 8p) to play, max raise is 50 ISK (40p), you can only raise 3 times in each round of betting and there are never more than 2 rounds of betting per hand. So on a wild hand you could lose a max of, ooh, nearly 3 quid. And just in case you STILL think we are morally reprehensible, we were drinking orange juice and non-alcoholic apple cider.

And I made 1800 ISK! (about 15 quid, but it sounds so much more in Kroner. It's just about enough to buy 2 gin and tonics in a bar.) On only my second night of poker.

Ah, boys, underestimate not the pretty girl at the table. She might need to keep looking at the rules to see what kind of tricks she can get, but she is good at maths. And more importantly, can see through her hubby's bluffs every time.

Note to ma and pa. No, I do not plan to play for "real" money or join any online casinos. oh, is that my son calling? Must dash, sorry, we'll chat later...

PS: Dr DC - are you out there? And is that baby out yet?! Do let me know...


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