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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Arnobio #2

Dilemna over. Whilst we we umming and ahing and ooing and erring and hmmming and ... ok, you get it, er pupo's dagmamma took matters into her own hands and Arnobio was returned yesterday having been washed in the machine AND tumbledried. I think she was worried about infecting the other kids.

He is almost white. Poor bobo...

and, in case you can't get enough of my star photography, here is another...

OUR NEW CAR!!! WOO HOO! A 2002, 1.2 Astra, with 63,000 Km.

We shall miss the Romabill, currently parked across the road, so that when folk come to see her, they won't notice the big oil patch on our drive. Hope someone takes her, 'cause otherwise, with insurance (3rd party) at 500 quid a year, it'll be the scrap yard :( :(: (:

But we shall always have our fond memories, not least of our marathon drive around Iceland, all three.


  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    Maybe if you send him to daycare in smelly dirty clothes she will do your laundry too!


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