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Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh my!

Er pupo's new playmat arrived by mail from Italy. It was a birthday present and very light foam, so we just mailed it. I put it out, not giving it much thought, then got back to making his tea. After dinner, we went through and he was quite excited about it, so I went through the tiles explaining what all the vehicles were. That is a ship, this one is a helicopter, that is a truck, that is a... surey not... it must be meant to be a submarine. Quick consultation with mr expat.... it IS a bleeding armoured tank! I couldn't believe it. Now, I'm of the "no guns" camp with er pupo, but a tank? With a massive gun hanging out of it? Surely I'm not the only person not to find that appropriate for a little kid's playmat?

If I can be bothered, I will photograph and display offending item. Unlikely though...

on a happer note, we have a buyer for the car. Actually, we have 2. Ah, poor Romabill. But he will stay in circulation for a wee while yet.


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