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Friday, September 08, 2006

Strange things happening back home

It is very possible that I am sleepwalking as I type this, because credibility is most definitely stretched... but last time I looked, Scotland was topping a European Championship qualifying group containing France and Italy. Having scored 8 goals in 2 games.
Italy was languishing on 1 point.

Scottish football is a well known tease. Mostly you hang about knowing they are duff and yelling "my granny could do better than that, and she's been deid for 20 years" and then, out of nowhere, they pluck a win against Germany or Netherlands and a draw against Italy and we think.... "oooo, just maybe... dare I hope?" and the fever takes over and we all think: "we're going to actually qualify for a proper tournament!!!"

And then... they lose at home to the Faroe Islands and we all crash back to earth with a bump.

So this time, 6 points and 8 goals or not, in a group containing both Italy and France, when only 1 teams goes through automatically and 1 to the playoffs, I'll not be booking my flight to the main event just yet. But... i suppose... I could buy the TimeOut guide to Austria and Switzerland. Just to look, mind....


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