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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Nappy rash came as no surprise as er pupo was on antibiotics and it seems to be the way. So he gets some cream from the doc here, but we decide to use something from Scotland that had worked before (my fan club will recall the 2 month epic battle with nappy rash when er pupo was 2-3 months). So the rash starts to clear up, but before it has completely gone, the cream runs out.

Being cautious parents, we then turned to the icelandic cream to finish the job. To which er pupo has taken the most awful allergic reaction and now his bum and "front bottom" looks like it has 2nd degree burns. He is so sore. Yet again, we turn up at the hospital (it's a Sunday) to get yet more cream (now 2 different kinds) and I get to spend the rest of the day mopping up the bathroom as he runs around with a bare bum.

He seems a little better this evening though we're not sure if it's the air, the new cream, or the lack of the old evil cream. He has to go to daycare tomorrow, where he has to be in his nappy, but I'll try to pick him up early so he can have some time to run around.

The whole experience does rather bring to light why we battled for 2 months when er pupo was little - seeing as the cream we got to fix him was what was causing all the trouble in the first place.

poor poor baby :(


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