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Monday, September 11, 2006

since he likes to keep me entertained

he has now decided to be allergic to eggs. So off we rush to get the medicine that has joined him on all his travels to discover that the bottle has been lying smashed at the bottom of the change bag for some time.
Just as well he "only" suffered from hives which then went away (till they reappeared on his butt when he pooed. Almost funny come to think about it).

So now, a 2 week wait for the paediatrician and we hope for the best he doesn't take a more serious reaction in the meanwhile. Then we need a letter explaining why he has to cart the medicine with him constantly and for the bottle to be less than 50mls, in case we ever decided to fly through or to the UK again. Which until they do something about these damn restrictions isn't looking too likely...


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