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Friday, September 22, 2006

And then there were eleven

Another three, THREE teeth on the bottom, all very pointy and just poking through, but through they are. There is a canine on top that has been lurking for months and surely must pierce that tiny layer of skin in the next few days. Er pupo is being remarkably good about the whole thing, although has had his temperamental moments. No more than his mother, however, and I don't have the teething excuse. Shall have to think up something good though...

Getting very excited about the whole Beijing adventure. We are staying (and I will be teaching) in Haidian which is not far from Beijing zoo and I believe we will next to the first stop of the new line of the metro. Just a short tube right to the forbidden city, tianamen square and, my personal hotspot of excitement, the silk market. We've read the guidebooks and found out where the baby superstore is, just in case we forget anything. We are staying in a hotel (not self-catering, unfortuately) which makes things a little harder with er pupo, but I think I will put him on ready-to-drink formula milk to make sure he is getting his vitamins and so that we can always have it when out and about. The tap water is best avoided and of course we'll have nowhere to sterilise.

And apart from that... shopping, sites, shopping, sites, shopping at the sites, and a bit of Beijing duck in between. quack quack


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