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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The word "knob" was invented to describe me.

So I envisage myself as this superchic skibunny type (at some time in the future!) but in the meanwhie, need to actually learn to ski. I went up today and it was icy and visibility was rubbish, so despite skiing actually ok, I went off the path, because I couldn't SEE the path I thought I was on a path, but it turned out to be a ditch. With a river in it. Being a ditch, there is no room to turn, or sway side to side (no idea what it's called) so one picks up a fair speed. The snow collapsed under my weight, one ski went IN the river and I went face first into a bleeding ditch. I put my arms out in front instinctively (or I'd probably have no teeth!) but in so doing, I have totally busted my right arm. I then had to fish the damn ski out of the river, which meant wading IN the river. Of course, this was all in a ditch, so there was nobody around to see or help me (which may, in retrospect be a blessing, since I'll bet my supertrendy students were up there). I'm waiting on a buddy to run me up to the hospital to get some meds as I can't drive and I can't lift er pupo, and he has a cold and a temperature, so can't go to daycare and tomorrow hubby teaches from 8 till 2.15 so I've no idea how I will get him out the cot :( I mean, if there is a river to be skied into, you can bet your butt that I'll be the one that skis into it. At least er pupo wasn't with me for this little foray into slapstick. Slapstick of a particularly unfunny kind. Unless you are one mean SOB.

Yeah, go on, have a good snigger, Ms Acorn Diaries.


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