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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why is it that...

when I give er pupo a row, he either ignores me, throws something (else) on the floor, laughs, or tries to bite me.
And when hubby gives him a row, he goes all quiet for a record 5 seconds, ponders it and remains well-behaved for at least half a minute?

Er pupo got a new toy last night because obviously three boxes of plastic, with the odd bit of wood thrown in for class, are not enough to entertain his 18 month old person. But this toy was an investment and should improve my Sunday morning sanity. Er pupo loves to copy his dad in the kitchen and "cook" with him. However, this usually involves pulling all the pots out of the cupboard, onto the tiles, and generally banging and scraping them around a bit. You see where the Sunday morning sanity comes in. Yesterday, I presented him with his very own toy cooker, with side panel sink and food prep area. He is delighted. So delighted that one of the first things he did was drag it from the living room to the kitchen (like, DUH, mum, it's a COOKER) and then blow kisses both to the cooker itself and to his mamma for having given it to him.

And I am delighted. Because it is a hell of a lot quieter than pots.

Jamie Oliverino, eat your heart out.


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