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Friday, January 19, 2007

must be getting better then...

yesterday evening he sparked back to life and played and laughed and laughed and played. Then collapsed exhausted and went to bed. This morning, he woke up and chirped away to himself in his cot until I crawled out of bed to see to him. (Readers, I had been up a number of times during the night providing milk, so crawling was the most that could be expected.) He was in a very good mood and asked for his milk, behaved for his nappy change (clean, hurrah! despite night milk) and then had some caramel yoghurt for breakfast. Lots! It does, admittedly taste of candy. Whilst pottering about in and out of the bathroom, he suddently disappeared. A few seconds later, I saw a shadow inside the shower box. I opened the doors to find a very big grin on a very little face. Er pupo can now officially shower alone. Or so he thinks. With his shoes on. But hey, he can climb in over a step as high as his groin and slide the doors completely shut (especially when mamma is at the other side, trying to repeatedly open them. which isn't so easy from the outside). I tried not to pay too much attention and definitely not to tell him off, for that is a sure fire way to guarantee he will be in there at every opportunity. He hasn't quite sussed out the faucet, but unfortunately it is well within toddler reach and the water can come out at 70 degrees. If you've got a ball, I'll find a chain.


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