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Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes, we do still exist. Haven't been arrested or dragged off a plane due to an errant toddler who won't stay quiet (despite much praying by nearby passengers, methinks).

Italy was fab; as was brother in law's wedding, despite the fact that hubby and I came down with flu and only made the ceremony owing to a generous dose of paracetamol. His wife was absolutely stunning, which in her case, doesn't actually take a whole lot of effort, but since she HAD made a whole lot of effort, oh, wow! Er pupo was the bellezzo of the ball, in his kilt. An absolute darling; but with our flu, and him missing his nap, I have to say, we got a little tetchier with him than was strictly fair.

After the wedding, we recuperated on the riviera. It's so hard being me. Then up to Scotland in time for er pupo's birthday so he could get spoiled rotten by another set of grandparents. We're now in Sweden; hubby and I are working really hard, but taking a day about, with the other spent with er pupo. I must confess, much as he thrives at daycare, and I think he misses being with other kids (as we don't know any here), he does love being with us. He is going through a clingy phase, which is hardly surprising, given the amount we drag him around and change his surroundings; but he is also so enormously happy. He is in a big bed here and is very good about going (even if we do hear him sneak him to potter about a bit before going back to bed in the evening.)

And he still loves opera! Giorgio got L'Italiani in Algeria (Rossini) and L'elisir d'amore (Donizetti) and he begs to put them on. He's quite partial to bob the builder too, but it's the opera he asks for. So, if you see him point to the tv and say "A bus-ah!" (meaning a bus) that is a request for opera - because the opening of the film of the Rossini is outside the Paris opera theatre and a bus goes past. His favourite thing in this order are:

Icecream (which funnily enough is about the only food word he can't say in any language)
Opera (a bus-ah! whilst point at the tv)
Buses (a bus-ah!)
trains (choochoo, even though trains don't actually say that anymore. Quite sad when you think about it)
Excavators (diggerdiggerdiggerdigger)
Trucks (lorry, which he decided to say all of a sudden, despite me spending weeks trying to teach him truck. But there you go. none of this American English for er pupo).

A couple more weeks here; then off to Italy where I can see my other babies and the original er puppone! ROMA ROMA ROMA. Hubby is annoyed since his ridiculous team have finally scraped back into Serie A and are now officially in competition. Don't care. Still love Roma.

Boy is up, can here the scraping....


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