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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scotland for the Security Council #2 - the Campaign is Launched

The campaign has begun! The Guardian Weekly published my ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek letter, the subject of which I blogged on shortly after the Scottish elections. Unfortunately, they edited the letter slightly so that I think it might get taken seriously.

Since I'm on a trusty mac, which is not fully supported by blogger (GET A GRIP, MAN!) I can't post a hyperlink, but the original post is here:

I think the paper has copyright in my letter and it is not on the web because GW is subscriber only. But trust me, it was quite, quite brilliant ;)

As in all good divorce settlements, it pays to demand the outrageous - it's like bargaining in the Chinese silk market: wherever you start you can only go in one direction. So ex-husband who has barely seen the kids all their lives demands custody; mum, who has done all the caring anyway, is so desperate to keep custody that she gives up her claims on the house and savings because "all I want is the kids!" Same principle. Scotland demands the SC seat; at the negotiation table says: "ok, ok, rump uk, you can keep the SC, as long as we get the oil." A much relieved, and eager for international prestige rump uk says "yes, ok, phew!"



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