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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Curse Returns

with an outbreak of headlice at daycare. I have never been so pleased that my son, at a whopping 20 months, is still a great big baldy. Daymother locked up today to blitz the buggers, clean everything and wash all the teddies, blankets and so forth. St. Arnobio and er pupo's clothes were promptly washed chez nous, however a perfunctory glance at his very little hair showed no dancing creatures. THANK YOU, LORD! I know that sooner or later, the inevitable infestation will come to us (well, assuming er pupo actually gets some hair at some stage), but I have only hideous memories of the knit comb and disgusting stinky shampoo and have no desire to subject my son to such evils. (Those who know me and my hair wll understand immediately why the knit comb was so traumatic. Let's just say "curly" would be an understatement.)

Er pupo joined us at school this morning and was really, all things considered, rather well behaved. Neither hubby nor I had to teach (though I did have some meetings) so it turned out actually to be rather a pleasure (skive!) to spend some time with him.

Wait, stop. Better not go on making this sound like good news on the blog or I shall be struck down...


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