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Sunday, April 08, 2007


WOMAN GETS PAID MORE THAN MAN! It seems Seawoman Faye Turney, her being a gentle female and mummy to boot, is going to get more cash for her story than the male hostages.

There's more outrage, more anger. Yeah yeah, we heard it. Some people ("news" organisations? I use the term under advisement) get their kicks out of dubious claims to moral superiority. Bet those people will be first in line to buy the papers. It will be the same papers paying for the stories that are casting aspersions on the professionalism of the sailors.

Meanwhile, I wish my Guardian would actually report some news. But I guess on Easter Sunday the big "news" is 1970 or so years old and not so likely to be found in such an avowedly and aggressively secular paper.


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