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Thursday, November 22, 2007

So WHY have I been so quiet?

Because er pupo will soon be joined by u figgin sometime around April or May and I've been trying to keep it a secret.

I did indeed fly over for the game (see previous post) and, with the exception of a national two-minute silence between minutes 91 and 93, I had a great time.

My clever doctor friends are coming over to Genova to visit next week (all my friends are clever, but only a few are doctors) so hopefully by then we will be shot of this rotten Glasgow-esque weather. Otherwise, I might as well tell them just to stay at home if they want soaked and frozen numb.

Er.. should I have more to say? Pregnancy is going fine, physically; very little vomiting and very little bleeding which was a pleasant change. I was horribly tired though and am still sleeping 10 hours a night. I'm sure having a 2 year old to chase after - a two year old who no longer naps - does not help.

Work is, well, interesting for me, but deeply dull to explain to anyone with a life. But since you are reading blogger that may not apply to you. I've just finished 99 pages on state responsibility (the International Court of Justice, the Security Council and the Treaty Bodies, for those who know what any of this means) and a nice little (short!) comment on constitutional issues of Security Council counter-terrorism resolutions.

Expatmamma, er pupo (2 and 4 mths) and u figgin (16+5)


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    I loved your comment at Wonderland. It's so easy to forget about the rest of the equation, isn't it.


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