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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yeah, so I don't blog much

because I'm a mum and in my spare time, I work, and in my spare, spare time, I am doing about 35 hours overtime a month. Even if I have something fascinating to tell you all, by the time I find the time, even I am bored of it.

Pregnancy is... well, annoying. I can't say I was a huge fan of the whole experience the first time (though giving birth is brilliant, not to mention having a baby at the end of it all). This time, I am tired and stiff and sore; rest is impossible. As is blogging most of the time.

Er pupo grows ever more of a delight. Bah, maybe it's some hormone thing going on, but I miss him when I drop him at school! It took him a couple of weeks to settle (actually, the first week he howled and howled till they finally gave up and called me back). Today and yesterday he shouted "bye, ciao, bless" (yes, all three) then ran off and didn't look back. Yes, of course I was pleased. But also a teeny bit disappointed. I mean, couldn't he at least pretend he would rather stay with mamma a bit longer? Just play the game, baby. You ARE still my baby.

He continues to be obsessed with diggers, bob the builder and Arnobio. He's also got quite excited about penguins (probably because we saw them in Genova acquarium) so I have just ordered him Happy Feet (which, I feel obliged to point out because it is my claim to being almost famous, was made by my exboyfriend. No kidding - he was "lead animator." Ex-boyfriend. Well, we were kids in school; but he was seriously cute! Too cute for me. He jilted me for a girl in his art class. Sigh...)

It's good to be home. Yes, I have a lot of work, but I love it and since Kieran is now in school 8 hours a day it is a lot easier to actually get it done. I'm teaching now and enjoying it: the class seem genuinely interested so it is very rewarding (We haven't got to property law, trusts and estates yet... there is still time for them all to glaze over). It's briliant to be back in the care of the same midwife who supported me through my pg with Kieran and who came for home visits in the first week of his life. No more tests, hurrah! She believes me that I am fine. Backache is chronic, no doubt largely in part to er pupo and his inability to walk in knee high snow. Fair enough, I suppose, he is still less than 1 metre high. BUT, I have my massage booked for tomorrow. Oh bliss, bring me relief. Hell, an hour lying down during the day! That's worth paying for even without the actual massage!

Well, that's about it from us. Expect a post around the end of April. Don't ask me my due date because I really don't have a clue. And I'm NOT having more bleeding tests just to find out. It's all witchdoctory anyway.

Rachael, er pupo and figgin 27+4


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