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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pushy mother of the day

has just signed up er pupo for suzuki violin lessons as of this fall. He might be on a waiting list for a while, so maybe he won't start straight away, but hopefully he won't have to wait too long. I've no idea if he is any good, but he definitely enjoys music and is connected in a way that stands out from his peers at kindergarten. (Honest! Not just me; also his daymum last year and his music teacher in Italy commented on this.)I'm not saying he is going to be a musical prodigy, but any kid who, before he was even two, would beg for opera over Thomas the Tank deserves the opportunity to explore.

I do feel a tiny bit pushy though... and when he starts, will I be able to resist the urge to compare him? Or bore other parents at the school gate with stories of his first performance of twinkle twinkle? (instead of just the regular readers of my blog. LOL! Both of you). I've promised myself that if he doesn't like it, I won't make him go; there is no shorter route to putting him off music for life than forcing it on him. But then at age 4 he is old enough to start piano....


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