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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still pregnant; still trying to write

Well, it is my own fault that I am this bored and impatient. With er pupo, I wisely covinced myself he would be late: first babies are "always" late (which really begs the question as to what is normal; I mean, if they are all late, they aren't really late, are they?) Anyway, because er pupo turned up a surprising 2 weeks before his due date, I assumed this one would be at least as early.Bad, bad, bad move indeed. I am now 38+3, so not technically due for another 12 days, but every night I do wonder.
Figgin, however, is perfectly happy inside and is showing no signs of arrival any time soon. Bah., Looks like I will have to finish writing that paper after all. And then I think, well, maybe it is good that figgin stays in for a bit; er pupo has the dr tomorrow for allergy tests and I don't want to have to cancel; Thursday he is off school for a holiday and Friday is a half day for teacher training, then it is the weekend so... maybe next week would be better after all...

38 weeks pregnant = never happy


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