Ex Pat Mamma

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Home alone

Hubby has been in Switzerland since Sunday, leaving er pupo and I home alone. He has been remarkably good - probably scared, because he knows that if I get cross with him, he won't have his dad to bail him out! He's been eating well (my cooking, no less!) and being reasonably cooperative getting changed and going to his daycare. His sleeps lousy these days, but I think he is just waking up thirsty because of a cough that has been lingering since before we went to China. But doc says it isn't "in his chest" and will go in its own time. I'm sure it will.
On Saturday, we make our way South, then on Sunday, will go to Italy to meet hubby, visiting Scotland, England and France on the way. It's not easy this jetsetting life, and for sure, it will not be easy single handed with a toddler. A toddler who is pathologically incapable of sitting still. And doesn't sleep on planes. Or on my lap. Or anywhere, really, apart from his bed.

He's walking all over the place now, but only inside. Daymother tells me he prefers to sit or crawl outside, despite the fact it is around zero, there is slush everywhere and loads of puddles. Or perhaps because of that. Just as well I always pack a spare pair of dry trousers.

Completely exhausted, from a four hour a day teaching schedule (beginning at a very dark 8am) and trying to finish up a huge pile of admin before taking off. The exams (which the students took today), will have to come to Italy to be graded. It seems cheeky to say I need my holiday, seeing as we are only just back from China, but that wasn't a holiday! And in Italy, I will have motherinlaw doing all my cooking and laundry. Bliss indeed. I'm all for bringing back bigamy; a wife would solve so many of my problems.

Happy Christmas!