Ex Pat Mamma

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


has taken over my life. I hardly ever think to blog, let alone find the time or something to say. But if you haven't got facebook, take a look at this: pretty much describes it!


The boys are both doing brilliantly; er pupo varies from "love you, mamma" to "Nei! Ekki mamma! Mamma go away! Mamma to BED! Mamma GO SLEEP!" I'm assuming it's a normal reaction to his dethronement. Not that he is any less imperatorial for having been dethroned.

Lo is sleeping outside now; I invested in a baby monitor, because we are 2 flights up and it isn't always the weather for sitting on the balcony to keep an ear out for him. It gives me time at home to do exciting things like hoover. Tell me, what did I do before becoming a mother? In my other "spare time" (ha ha ha) I continue to try to hammer out an article on state responsibility and when lo was not even 2 weeks old, I got a call asking me to give a paper - which for some stupid reason I agreed to, so I presented some thoughts on women and tax law, all hammered out in powerpoint slides in approximately half an hour. I think it took me longer to deliver it than it did to prepare...

Er pupo will be 5 on Saturday and in his honour I have learned to bake cakes! Do not underestimate what a big deal that is for me. With Delia's help, however, I am now proudly competent to make a basic sponge. I'm planning one with a Thomas the Tank face and one with Happy Birthday written on; as well as some chocolate crispie cakes, ginger snaps and banana bread cakes. That's my Friday taken care of! At some point, Lo will get to eat.

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