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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Inconsiderate? Or am I overreacting?

Well, to start, the good news: the cot is finally here!! The piss sheet isn't exactly what I ordered, or rather what I ordered hubby to order, but it will do the job. The mattress looks lovely and is nice and firm, so I am now a happy mum to be. At least regarding baby's sleeping arrangements. We'll assemble it, erm... sometime. My mum and dad are coming to visit in early May but my dad is, I suspect, almost as bad at home furniture assembly as my hubby, so it might be a good idea to do it before he comes, so he doesn't offer to "help."...

Meanwhile, here is the "thing." Perhaps I am overreacting. I went to an afternoon tea party on Saturday, as one does when one is a raging socialite like myself. There was a little girl, who I thought was just shy. Not till much later do I mention her to my friend who has a daughter a similar age and my friend says: "oh, but she has chicken pox." What? Who brings a child to a party with chicken pox, when they know a pregnant woman is going to be there? I mean, really, who?

Or am I overreacting?

Now, I believe I had chicken pox as a baby and it is rather unlikely that I will contract it again. But it is possible: you can get it again I don't know whether to go get a blood test to check my immunity or just to wait and hope no spots develop. At this stage, it probably won't hurt pupo, if I DO get it (though it is more risky for me - yes, since the party I have done my usual "google" research). But it's not the point!!! I am so cross about this: 1) parents of said child do not KNOW I had chicken pox as a baby and don't even mention anything about it to me: I found out randomly from someone else. 2) parents of said child almost certainly have no idea about the risks of chicken pox to pregnant women. Now, why would they? But they knew I would be there, so could have bothered to find out. Or at least have informed me! In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, chicken pox is dangerous for babies and can result in disabilities.

So, there you go, am cross. Hoping I am immune but more than anything cross that I am even being bothered with this. I know I can't live in a glass bubble for 9 months, but at the same time, I would have expected more consideration.

Am I overreacting?


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Things

We've got a cot and mattress and piss-sheet (that is a literal translation from the icelandic, I am not just being rude). They are coming by some very expensive delivery method. But I don't care, they are coming and dear hubby, when I gave him the list of what "we" needed, even phoned up and arranged it all by himself. On my credit card, but that's beside the point. He is quite good, really, as long as I tell him exactly what to do. And pay for it.

I also disovered a big scratch on my belly. Big red line. Looked like a scratch. Wasn't sore though. Couldn't remember scratching it. Wasn't anywhere near the seam of my trousers. Till I realised.... I've got a stretchmark! All downhill from here :( Needless to say, had a good look all over the rest of my torso and could find two little tiny ones on my hips, which will almost certainly get bigger. There are probably more, but they will be hiding behind the big silvery lines from old stretchmarks I got when I was 17 after a sudden growth spurt (took me long enough: most people have their growth spurts at 13. I was a late developer, what can I say?)

But very very very happy about our cot. Now we only have to assemble it without filing for divorce. Given that hubby is completely rubbish at home furniture assembly (he will even admit it) and given that I am a diva in that department, all would normally be fine. I would do it on my own and he would fix the tea. However, I can't really be going about assembling cots on my own which will involve lifting, etc. so instead, it will be me 'directing' hubby's assembly efforts... if you don't hear from me for a while, I am probably in jail awaiting trial for homicide...


Sunday, April 17, 2005

No tranquility in the frozen north

The inlaws have been and gone. I think they had a good time and we enjoyed their company, even if as soon as they were on the plane on Friday afternoon, I went to bed and slept for 2 hours.

Yesterday, as planned with much excitement, we went off to get a cot. We had already seen one we liked. We just had to pick out a mattress. Not a bit challenge, you would think. Except the store had only one really horrible cheap slab of bare foam, or, one really horrible cheap slab of foam covered loosely by a cheap, thin, raggedly and badly sewn piece of cotton. There is no way baby is sleeping on something that I wouldn't sleep on myself. Not happy. Hubby had no idea what the fuss was about - that was the cot mattress and why was I being so difficult? This store, is, incidentally, the only one in town that actually sells cots and cot mattresses. The next nearest being Reykjavik, five hours drive away. So I got a bit stressed and came home to look at the internet and a babyshop catalogue; hubby goes to wash the car. Hmmm... now, hubby washes the car no more than once per year. It was quite obviously an excuse to get away from me: she's upset about the cot, let her sort it out. She can try to translate the icelandic baby shop brochure, work out what is best, and then I shall just agree.

Hubby comes back, after over an hour. Car must be pretty damn clean. Comes in, talks about himself, then sods off to the kitchen: doesn't even ask me how I am getting on.

It might not be a complete exaggeration to suggest that I became hysterical. Said baby shop catalogue, with sisters from Ikea and another furniture shop made their way across the room and some newly painted doors were slammed....

We did eventually get somewhere and found something online - together, I might add, find something that might do that we can order from Reykjavik and pay some ridiculous delivery charge. We decided, again, together, to talk to the midwife on Tuesday and ask her what she thinks. Then last night I suddenly remembered a new bed shop that has opened in town that just might have cots. Fingers crossed...

27 weeks today: my pregnancy weeks now match my age :)

Friday, April 08, 2005


Caught with my pants down. Typical me. My colleague has been off for a few days, so I am in the office alone. Yesterday, I was also wearing alleged "maternity trousers" which are of a particularly stupid design and are already too tight. They expand at the "waist" (I use the term loosely) but not lower down where the actual bump is at its biggest. Deeply uncomfortable. So, as anyone would do, I shut the door and opened the fly. Wide open. Top of knickers exposed to... well, noone 'cause I was alone.

Till not one but TWO cleaners walk in. Oops. Thankfully, they were both middle aged ladies who were very nice about it.

Inlaws arrived safely last night and are in good form. Should be a fun weekend. Hoping to bunk off at lunchtime :)
After my teachers' meeting :( (oooh, could be controversial: need to allocate the courses to the different teachers and they might get tetchy. Arrogant people, lawyers, funnily enough!)

Meanwhile, I have a horrible suspicion that the morning sickness is back. How can this be? For the last few mornings, I have had a terrible nausea till about 10 or 11am. I thought it was just "something I ate" but now I am not so sure that it isn't these crazy hormones again. I have so far managed to keep down breakfast, but it's certainly not a pleasant feeling.

That being said, it's probably the cleaners who should be feeling nauseaus this morning!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sore Belly :(

oooowwww, ooooooh, got a sore belly, feel sick :(
Maybe I have the bug that is going round.
Maybe it is sympathy for my best friend's wee boy (see the Acorn Diaries Link).
Maybe it is 'cause I ate a giant piece of cake with meringue, cream, caramel....

ooops, did I just say meringue? That would be raw egg, eh? Slap my wrists here; or tell me not to be stupid. Either; I know you have an opinion; I know you are itching to give it. GO ON, SHARE IT NOW, I KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Er pupo is doing very well these days in the material stakes. Yesterday I ordered a batch of cloth nappies and am slightly ashamed to admit that I am sooooo excited about them!! They are just adorable, in orange, lical, yellow and white, with wraps (oh, for goodness sake, get with the programme, warps are overpants) in various ecological prints. A package awaits pupo at the post office, full of goodies from my mum. Hubby's parents arrive tomorrow, no doubt with more pressies, including handmedowns from a cousin that I am hoping include lots of sensible baby vests as opposed to dry clean only kilt suits and taffeta.

Meanwhile, everyday I feel more and more in love with this little baby, more and more excited to feel him. Even when I would rather sleep or study. It's so CUTE being disturbed by him :) We watched a programme the other night on premature babies - born before 25 weeks, i.e. even smaller than pupo. It was just amazing. Every day, pupo gets bigger and stronger and healthier. Every day his chances of being born healthy and without any disability that might 'cause him suffering increase. That being said, he can jolly well stay where he is until I've finished teaching! Three and a half weeks to go....


Monday, April 04, 2005

Monster baby

Er pupo definitely likes his attention. His kicks are getting harder all the time. It is becoming hard to sleep because of the frequent lashings. This morning, as I quietly read my constitutional law textbook in preparation for next week's teaching, he was kicking me so strongly that my sweater was moving up and down. Everything seems to be happening so early with this pregnancy, but I guess it is all normal and just me that is taken by surprise. What more can happen in the next 15 weeks? (NB: rhetorical question: please do not reply with gory details!)

I have managed to lose a kilo of weight since last weekend, through no efforts whatsoever, so I presume it is just water. It does give me hope that the other 10 will fall off easily in July, however. Er pupo is definitely not suffering for my new slimline figure ;) I was told today that I "sounded" heavy as I walked along the corridor: by a colleague with a bigger belly than me, so I told him to lay off till I was heavier than him.


Sunday, April 03, 2005


Today we took yet another step in the "preparing for parenthood." All those bottles of drain cleaner and paint stripper that say "Keep out of reach of children" are now, for the first time, actually out of reach of children. We may need to invest in cupboard locks at some point, but for now, just moving the toxic stuff out the way seems a good start. Pupo won't be going anywhere on his own for the first six months, but it doesn't do any harm to childproof our house one step at a time: don't think I could take the shock of doing it all in one go. Oh, just remembered the "liquor cabinet" is in fact nothing more than the bottom shelf of our bookcases in the living room, so that'll have to go too... what else? Do tell.

The inlaws come next week, which, I am happy to say, is very welcome news. They've been promising to come for ages, but there is always some reason, so I never believe them till they have actually bought their tickets. Last week, they finally got organised and booked, so they arrived on Thursday. They have visited before but have never seen our flat and didn't stay with us the last time. I'm very fortunate in having fantastic inlaws who spoil me rotten and a mother in law who will cook, clean, wash, iron for me :) Just a shame she lives in Italy, 'cause I could do with getting a wife come July :) She'll be back then, of course, as will my parents, to meet their first grandchild.

So, till then, back to gazing in fascination at my belly button, 'cause I can actually see all the way to the bottom of it for the first time in my life. Easily amused me.