Ex Pat Mamma

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reality Check

Let's go backwards. Last night, Zambrotta said that Italy, France and Scotland are three of the best teams in Europe. No, that's not a misprint. Scotland. Er... Gianluca, Scotland aren't even the best team in Scotland.

And the evidence?

In third place, on 19 points, World Cup Finalists, France.
In second place, on 20 points, World Cup Champions, Italy.
In first place, on 21 points, uh.... Scotland. (?????)

3 games to go; very bad feeling we will lose to Ukraine who looked sharpish last night. Georgia should be an easy game; and that, as always for Scotland, is an invitation to bottle. The last game of qualifying, against Italy, at Hampden on 17th of November. I am very very very keen to fly over for it. It would be wonderful to be there, but even if I can't get a ticket for the stadium, I could be with friends. Tickets from Milan to Edinburgh over the weekend are currently 42 Euros. Wish Giorgio was here to ask permission, but at that price I could just book....

We started off well; noone thought, least of all me, that we would keep it up. Will we?

oh yeah, bla bla bla, er pupo is fine; settling into daycare this week.