Ex Pat Mamma

Monday, August 22, 2005

And again...

Don't want to push my luck here but... he went till 6am this morning. I fed him about 8.30pm, hubby about midnight and then he woke up at 6. I fed him then and went back to bed and he slept till a whopping 9.40. We shall see....

Today he visited the university as it was the first day of term; I wanted to meet the new class, but as soon as I got to the room, he decided to start grumbling. Ah well. Perhaps it is a bit early for him to be examining the subtleties of German contract law.

I have about 30 seconds before he will awake for his next meal; better get those dishes done.


Friday, August 19, 2005


hurrah! I fed him at 6pm then he decided he would be wide awake; I fed him again at 8pm, he was STILL wide awake. He had a playtime and was put to bed about 9.30 and finally went to sleep about 10pm. I went off to my bed and left daddy to deliver the midnight feast (in fact, served about 1am). Then he slept till 7am!! Surely that counts as sleeping through? Suits me fine, 'cause I got a whopping 9 hours undisturbed in my bed :)

Bah Humbug (#2)

So, the boy smiles. A lot. Especially at his dad. His doll, Bob has been graced; even the wall has been so honoured. His mummy? No, still hardly looks at me. Screams blue murder until I turn up when he is hungry. That's gratitude for you. Bah.

The boy had his six week check up today and has yet again been pronounced "perfect." Certainly a very healthy little boy and now growing at a rather more reasonable pace of half a pound a week. Said check was at an unforgivable 0820 so it's time for me to make up with an early night.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Six Weeks

So the boy shall be six weeks old tomorrow. Occassionally we are honoured with a smile and when we are, it is indescribably heartmelting.
Last week, I survived mastitis and a growth spurt which rather inconveniently coincided. But all is fine now. Put a spanner in my swimming schedule, but I'm back on track again.
Hubby is back at work which means pupo and I are by ourselves during the day and it is great. There's lots to do and it can be tiring, but it's never really difficult because pupo is such a chilled out little boy. Lucky us. I haven't yet manged to dissuade him from his 4 or 5am feed as he is always hungry, but we are still all managing to get a decent sleep. I go to bed early and hubby gives him a late night feed of expressed milk. I get up for the 4am shift then pupo and I both go straight back to sleep (well, usually, anyway! He has some moments...) then we sleep till 8 or so and start over again.

We're trying to plan our Christmas break just now., All a bit ahead of time, but hubby wants to do some teaching in Italy (i.e. easy way to get his fare paid! Thank you, EU taxpayers! In fact, EU taxpayers, you even paid for us to meet back in 1998...) so we need to get organised. And I need a new suit, which means trying to be in Glasgow for one day of Christmas sales.

Back to the housework for me now. Big pile of nappies and muslin squares to fold; milk to be expressed; Guardian to read....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Bummer :(

Monday, August 08, 2005

40 a day habit

Got my costume and hit the pool :)
OK, so I only did 20 today but it was very busy.

Bad day: they have scales at the pool. Still 8kg over prepreg weight, which, for you old fashioned lot, is over a stone.

Good day: Roma won their appeal and can make transfers this summer. Yay!

Bad day: Genoa (hubby's team) lost their appeal and are going to Seria C despite having "won" promotion to Seria A. Long story, best not talked about in his presence.

And it is confirmed...

to daddy, nonna and nonno.
Mummy was in the bathroom cleaning up poo.

Meanwhile, pupo, who will stare wide eyed at anyone and anything still doesn't look at me. He smells me and hears me, but he doesn't respond. I am just there, like an extension of himself, like his life support system. I am the one to whom he is passed when he is crying.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


A smile, a smile...

not sure... but he had just had his breakfast and his dad and I were talking to him and we got a big eyes lit up, big mouth SMILE. It wasn't wind (which is a narrow little smile), it wasn't a yawn.... and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen :)

Off to the fish day celebrations (it's Iceland, remember!) and taking pupo in the baby carrier so for the first time he will actually be able to see what is going on. Lovely day too :)

32 days

Friday, August 05, 2005

No "normal" baby

The milk monster is of truly monstrous proportions. He weighed in today at 4.9kg, having been born 30 days ago at 3.49kg. He is growing much faster than the average baby, so mummy is obviously doing something right. He has enormous hands, which makes me suspect he might grow to be very big indeed. When we got a puppy at 8 weeks, all the farmers said: 'ooooh, look at those paws; he'll be a BIG dog." OK, so they didn't say "ooooh" 'cause Scottish farmers would never sound so camp, but that was the idea, anyway.

Nurse thinks we will see a proper smile from him soon.... will post OF COURSE when it happens ;)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Size ten. Again :)

Forgive my vanity....
I tried on some of my trousers again today and I found 3 pairs of size tens that fit! (That's UK ten, not US.) And no, they do not have elasticated waist bands, but are the kind that have no give at all. I had tried on a bunch of clothes when pupo was about 10 days old and they wouldn't even go over my hips, let alone around my waste - and hey, today, here we have the very same pairs on and fastened :) I found a couple more skirts that fit too, including a favourite that I bought in Rome last summer and which, on day 10, was about 4 inches away from zipping up. I look slightly "Canadian teen" with a hint of tummy creeping over the top and a definite bump out front, but hey, I haven't done any excercise yet, 'cause I still can't go back swimming. Can't wait to hit that pool now and tone it all up :)

On which note... in my excitement I went off to find a swimsuit. Something sensible, discreet. Something that could hold my bowling ball and somewhat sensitive boobs. What did I find? Stacks of miniscule, underwireless bikinis. Shall try again when I next have 20 minutes without child care responsibilities... could be sometime next week.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ecco Boy!

Just discovered how to upload pics to the blog. So here he is, less than one day old. Needless to say, he is considerably bigger now. And every bit as cute :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

One Christian Baby

Slept through the whole thing. Including the pouring of the cold water. And the rock concert and massive fireworks display. (OK, so the latter weren't exaclty part of the baptism but they were very loud nonetheless). Not only did he sleep through the service, not only did he sleep through his party for an hour, giving mum time to scoff all nonna's fine cakes, he even slept really well through the night. Pupo, aka Houdinini, can escape his shawl within minutes and has the sheets and any blanket down at his feet seconds later. He isn't cold, but he doesn't like feeling "exposed" and wakes up for a bawl. SAHM of Acorn Diaries fame recommended a baby sleeping bag for wriggly babies. Escape THAT, Houdinini! And he didn't. And he slept. Like a baby. And he ate and ate and ate. As his mummy was telling him what a good boy he was, he recylcled the milk all over her lovely nightie. Well, it wasn't a very lovely nightie, but it was 5.30am. And the sad thing? Mummy didn't even really mind, just brushed it off and went back to bed. (Yes, thanks for asking, it IS in the laundry basket now and I have had a shower.)

The service was private and beautiful. The pastor performed in Icelandic and we had readings in English and Italian. We had very few guests, but those we had we invited because we knew that it would mean something to them.

The milk monster shall awake soon, demanding his lunch... best get the muslins ready (and yes, SAHM, you really can't have enough!)